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VLD Die-cut Laster

VLD Die-cut Laster

The fixed optical path machine perfectly solves the problem of inconsistent far and near seam width。

1. Precision-machined aluminum alloy end plates and water-cooled invar with extremely low thermal expansion coefficient form a non-deformable optical bridge, which eliminates the influence of temperature on the deformation of the resonant cavity, excellent optical stability, and ensures stable power

2. Advanced mechanical design based on stress balance and suspended installation technology eliminates the impact of vibration on the resonant cavity, ensuring excellent beam quality and pointing stability

3. The full range of oil-free turbofans completely avoids the influence of oil pollution on the mixed gas, discharge tube, cavity lens, and greatly reduces the maintenance cost in the future.

4. There is a built-in intelligent inflatable gas mixing unit, no need to purchase pre-mixed gas, it is more economical and convenient to use. The intelligent charging mode intelligently adjusts the gas consumption according to the actual power, reducing the laser gas consumption

5. High-efficiency photoelectric conversion efficiency reduces laser power consumption


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