Development History


SBS330A, using disc cutters and pneumatic clamps;


SBS330B: Improve the graphics interface, introduce a higher-speed control chip, double the speed, upgrade the software, and make it more stable;


PBS330A: Increase the front and rear olecranon, bridge position, and flat cutting functions;


LBS330C: The first bridge positioning technology in the industry, which enables the blade to bend without any gaps, but also saves the trouble of manually positioning the bridge;


LBC330E: Cut the blade once after bending to avoid time-consuming and material consumption caused by two cuts;


PBC330D: Introduce motor power to hit the bridge position, no pneumatic weakness, no hydraulic leakage;


GBC330F: Increase the automatic edging/angle grinding function, and the accuracy and forming degree reach a new level;


PYC330K: After bending, the olecranon is formed at one time to avoid jamming caused by cutting out the olecranon twice;

Automatic thread trimming machine CPS225G: One-click image selection, automatic reduction, and automatic arc expansion. This revolutionary technological innovation makes manual thread cutting and pressing become history;


VDH1218 hybrid optical path laser machine: Wodi's first high-power axial fast flow laser cutting machine;

PYC330K: One cut to generate olecranon, high efficiency;


PBC460A: Specialized in processing ultra-high and ultra-thick special blades;


VBL1224 fixed optical path laser machine-born for high-precision knife molds: This is a blooming year, and many products of Wodi have obtained patent certificates;


DY series double-track scimitar machine: adopt new high-precision software, accurate and efficient;


PN series double-clamp non-intermittent feeding bender: a flexible product that combines functions according to customer needs;


Computer scimitar machine was rated as "Guangdong Province High-tech Product": This is a bumper year, and Wodi's computer scimitar machine series products are rated as "Guangdong High-tech Product";

Wodi Vision: Continuous technical improvement, and continuous reduction of manual participation in the blade forming process, and finally 100% automatic forming

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