VD08 laser machine

Cloth、embroide、fabric toy、furniture、 reticule 、glove、bag、leather、engraving cutting。model、advertising、decoration、electric、product、rubber、acrylic product、middle density、board etc nonmetal sheet precision cutting。

  This serial models adopt DSP digital control technology, integrated frame-structure to ensure stability .The latest software is compatible with dwg,dxf,cdr formats, etc.  The USB data interface can support heat play & plug. Quick data transmission without taking up computer resource. Chinese edition liquid display can make it easy for user to operate.

Suitable material:

Wood、paper、leather、cloth、organic glass、resin、acrylic、wollens、plastic、rubber ceramic tile、crystal、bowlder、bamboo。

Suitable for industry:

Cloth、embroide、fabric toy、furniture、 reticule 、glove、bag、leather、engraving cutting。model、advertising、decoration、electric、product、rubber、acrylic product、middle density、board etc nonmetal sheet precision cutting。


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